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Maya rigs
Are you looking for a way to practice your animation but don’t have any rigs? Look no further! Our free Maya Character Rigs are perfect for students, hobbyists, and independent animators. Check out this...
character rig
Character rigging for animation
If you’re new to animation, you might wonder what character rigging is. It’s the process of creating a virtual puppet for your character so that the characters can be animated. It sounds pretty...
Autodesk logo
Autodesk Maya - Review 2023
Want to create realistic 3D characters and effects? Autodesk Maya is the perfect software for creating unique 3D content. Its features make it easy to animate your characters, model your objects, and...
The best graphite pencil for sketching and drawing
For all the artists out there who love to draw with graphite pencils, this post is for you! I’m going to share with you my three must-have graphite pencils for life drawing. These are the pencils...
Apple iPad Pro
Create Digital Art on The iPad - Review 2023
The iPad has been a game-changer for beginner and professional artists who want to create digital art anywhere, anytime. Its portability and versatility make it the perfect tool for on-the-go digital creators....
Line of Action
How to draw the line of action for beginners
Do you want to learn how to draw the line of action for your drawings? The line of action is an important part of any drawing, and it can be tricky to get right. That’s why we’ve created...
Camera Lenses
3 must-have lenses for concert photography
Capturing amazing photos and videos is hard. You need the perfect camera lens for the job, but there are many to choose from! Knowing which camera lens is suitable for capturing music performances is...
Aeron chair
Is the Aeron the best chair for artists?
You spend hours a day in your computer desk chair, so you might as well be comfortable, right? Office chairs are not known for being the most comfortable seats in the world. Did you know that the average...
How to draw circles
The Best Way To Draw Circles In 4 Easy Steps
If you’re an artist, chances are you’ve had to draw a circle at some point. Getting this right can be tricky. But there’s no need to worry – we’ve got you covered. This blog...
5 Best Sketchbooks Every Artists Should Have
If you’re an artist, chances are you’ve gone through quite a few sketchbooks in your lifetime. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably become attached to certain ones and...
Drawing pencils
17 Best Drawing Exercises for Artists - Improve Drawing Skills
Here are a few of our favorites to get you started. Give them a try and see how they help you improve your own drawings!
Reference skeleton
What is Art?
I think it is important for us to define what art means to us so that we understand what we are doing. What is art? This is a question that has been asked for centuries and the answer is still not entirely...
How to Draw: A Beginner's Guide
Introduction Everyone is creative in their own way. Some people express themselves creatively through words, others through music, and still others through art. No matter how you choose to express yourself...