Maya rigs

Are you looking for a way to practice your animation but don’t have any rigs?

Look no further! Our free Maya Character Rigs are perfect for students, hobbyists, and independent animators. Check out this list of options ranging from simple rigs to more advanced rigs with complex control systems and higher levels of detail.

These rigs are an awesome way to get you started animating or inspired to create your own rigs.

Who are these rigs for?

The rigs in this list are designed to work inside Autodesk Maya. They are intended for users of all levels who are looking to practice their animation.

This list hosts a wide range of rigs available that cover the whole spectrum of animation, from fundamentals to body mechanics, acting, and lip sync. You can find everything you need to practice your animation. I’ve also included a list of premium rigs.

Free Maya Rigs

Although these rigs are free, we strongly encourage you to consider tipping the talented artist who designed them.

Body rigs

Spider man rig

Spiderverse Rig

It’s a Maya rig representing of Spiderman in SpiderVerse 2019 by SONY entertainment. 

Stewart Maya Rig


Professional quality rig with intuitive controls and a simple design for Autodesk Maya. Built for action with exceptional body mechanics

Fundamental rigs

Basics Rig

Practice your animation fundamentals with these basic rigs.

Flour Sack

The classic flower sack rig is another awesome rig to practice your animation fundamentals.

Premium Maya rigs

Body Mechanics Rigs -Mega Pack

These Maya rigs are perfect for honing in on body mechanics

David Rig

Solid rig for advance acting an lip sync

Why do animators need rigs?

Character rigs are an essential tool for any CG animator. Rigging, in animation terms, is the process of assigning a system of deformers and controls to a character’s model that allows it to move realistically and expressively. Character rigs provide animators with the ability to animate characters.


To ensure the safest and most responsible use, please read each creator’s terms and conditions before downloading. Have fun animating!